A blog post which leads you to… another blog post!

I’m cheating. This is a post I’ve already posted in the university’s Community of Practice.

I know it may sound like an odd title for a blog post but this is exactly what it does

Last summer I was approached by Pearson English to write an article/ blog post on using technology in the classroom. Truth be told, I thought it would take me very little time to write- that’s not exactly what happened. The more I thought about what to write and what not to, the more I realised there was actually wanted to include.

You see, I’ve never been a fan of technology and I’m quite slow at implementing new ‘techie’ stuff. The first draft was really negative, so negative that I put it aside for a couple of weeks! When I sat down to edit it, I ended up rewriting it almost completely. I’m pleased I did as the end result has had some really positive feedback.

Some of you may have read but please do let me know what your thoughts are, I am planning on using the ideas/tips mentioned as the starting point for the conference presentation I’m putting together.

…and here it is.



My first anniversary on WordPress

WordPress has just reminded me that I started this blog a year ago today. This is my 12th post, an average of one a month would be great (I suppose) but these 12 include my reblogs of others’ posts. I don’t seem to be very prolific.

At all.

Don’t take me wrong, I do have ideas but these ‘rambles’ seem to just stay in my head. They possibly move from the right to the left and back again, over and over, but just stay there. Caged in.

My new (WordPress) resolution of the year is going to be to try and write a post a month (famous last words!).

Wish me luck!