67 today. A personal post on listening to your body and on #cancer awareness.

Be warned, this post is a little sad (and could be considered inappropriate by some)

My mum would have been 67 today. She passed away 5 years ago, a few weeks before her 62nd birthday. It was terrible for all of us, family and friends.

I miss her. Maybe now more than before. There are times I find myself thinking ‘I need to tell Mami’. When I dream of her (yelling at me in our family-owned restaurant because I’m not doing my job properly!), I know I’m under pressure and need a break.

It all sounds very sad, I know. Yet, I am happy, grateful, she was with us for almost 12 years more that we expected. My mum, Jo, had had some health issues over the years so she tried to get regular medical check-ups.

Mum knew that something wasn’t quite right so she insisted on getting herself tested. She discovered she had breast cancer when she was 50. It was bad, very bad but, because she was extremely stubborn and loved life, she fought. Mum was in the operating theatre in January and then went through both radio and chemotherapy. Over the next 11 and a half years Mum went into hospital time and time again but she was tough and fought her invisible enemy.

Had my  mother not listened to her body, she would have been lost to me long ago.

Remember to listen to your body and have regular check-ups

My sister and I have regular, annual, check-ups.

I skipped by ultrasound last year so my doc suggested I get a mammogram as I was almost 40. Skipped that too. When I went in this February, I was so worried my teeth were chattering. This is not going to happen again!


  • Listen to your body. Speak to your GP if you think something is not quite right, don’t let send you away without a proper answer.
  • Ladies: check your breasts monthly and get an ultrasound/sonogram once a year. Speak to your gynecologist and get your smear tests done.
  • Gentlemen: probably a little more embarrassed when it comes to talking about personal issues but please do get your private parts checked. If there has been a history of breast cancer in your family, you should tell your doctor.


Tell your GP if you notice anything unusual. You know your body!

Some links to websites ( a bit emotional at the moment so I’ll edit and add info on the links later on)










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