Planning and Designing Stuff (Lessons and Courses)

Why is it, I ask myself, that when you are asked to do something you do on a regular basis, officially, suddenly you feel totally incapable of going ahead with it?

There are all these ideas whizzing round in your head but they just don’t seem to get from there to your word document or piece of paper! Weird, isn’t it? Or you are overcome by inspiration at the oddest times… don’t know about you but I have started carrying a notebook (with a cat on the cover) and a pen with me so as to jot down any ideas that creep up on me when I am least expecting them to.

Seriously, though, course planning is something that has never seemed difficult to me. I can ‘see’ the connections between the topics, skills, etc, however, I am finding it extremely challenging to write what it is I ‘see’. Good luck to me!

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