That feeling when you’re waiting for assessment results…

Today I remembered how I felt last time, when I was waiting for my Delta 1 and 2 results to come through. I sat at my computer from 12noon to 1 o’clock Italian time doing admin work I’d been putting off all morning just to make sure I was at my desk.

What was I waiting for? The result of my first MA assignment. The result wasn’t a surprise, it was actually just 4 points lower than I had predicted!

I know it’s crazy: I still have Delta 3 to finish, a 9-6/7 job, a daily commute, two cats to take care of , migraines to keep at bay, but I’m up for the challenge! Seeing the result today, knowing how long it took me to write the essay and considering the stressful conditions I was under at the time, I am proud of myself and of the result- clearly I can and will do better in future!

I consider myself extremely lucky as I’m receiving a lot of support from people I consider friends whom I know in real life and virtually, on Twitter, Without them I very much doubt all this would be happening…including the blog! Thank you so much^^

3 thoughts on “That feeling when you’re waiting for assessment results…

  1. Hi Gemma, I think you are amazing for doing all this work at once and I am so happy for you! It’s great you’re blogging more regularly and I am proud I am your Twitter friend! Wishing you good luck with your studies. Hugs, K.

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