Adventures and armrests

Right… Not exactly one of my best days!

Lovely evening spent with @JanersELT last night. All OK this morning until…security control. There I’m told that my ticket to Barcelona (to get to #iELT19) was actually for (roll of drums) YESTERDAY!!! Shock! HORROR!

I just leave Jane standing there and rush off to the ticket office to see if I can get a seat on the 6:30am flight with her – I mean, we’d been up since 3am! I just HAD to get on that plane.

No tickets.

Next flight: 12:40. Only a few tickets left. Let’s not even mention the cost and the fact I’m going to miss my workshop.

Buy ticket.

Rush back.

Go through security.

Find Jane. She buys me breakfast.

I see her off. There were a number of hen and stag dos. To put it in her words, she was probably the only normal person on the plane.

I wait. And wait. And wait.

Plane delayed.

Finally, we board. I doze off. Hadn’t even realised.

Silly woman on my left has a go at me for dozing off and slowly leaning over into her space. Apologised. Explained it wasn’t intentional. Apologies basically not accepted.

I’ve now taken over the armrest. It’s mine.