Just a little German

Tonight was the night. I got out the German self-study course for beginners I bought over a year ago and I started. Finally.

I must admit that it’s really hard without a teacher and extremely hard not to turn to technology, the only tech I have is the CD for the listening although I think I may convert the audio files into MP3 files to play on my phone.

Why German you may ask, well, I really want to learn Nederlands and it’s so much easier if you already know some German.

The last time I was a beginner in a language was over 20 years ago so this is going to be an interesting learning curve for me. All I’ve kept saying to myself this evening when looking at the keys is ‘OK, but I don’t understand why! I’ll have to take a picture and ask Val (my friend) tomorrow’.

Off to bed now. Guten Nacht!

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