Time for a change!

As you may already know ( I’ve tweeted about it!), I have resigned from my position as Language Course Leader at the academy I have been working in for the last five years. I started as a freelance language teacher and slowly made my way up the career ladder and have been in this position since March 1st.

I consider myself extremely lucky to have been able to have such an opportunity with the academy but, after 20-odd years of teaching ‘third person s’ and ‘present perfect’, I couldn’t bring myself to say ‘no‘ to CLIL Geography and Art.

It’s going to be a mega learning curve for me, I know, as I’m no expert in either. I’m studying, re-reading books which I had put aside a very long time ago as well as reading new ones. I’m eager to learn.

The other thing that made me say ‘yes‘ were, are, the working hours. I may well need to spend time prepping but I won’t have to sit in an office from 9 to 6 and get home at 8pm. Hopefully I will have a decent work-life balance, mental health, time to study for my MA and, maybe, who knows, to blog about my LPs!

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