It’s been a while…

… since I last posted and a lot has happened, a lot has changed.

I believe I have changed, as a person, a woman, a teacher, a student, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a cat mum. I no longer have time for those who have proved to have no time for me, that has enabled me to make more time those whom I care for and are there for me in times of need (that meaning a coffee too while stacking out the girls’ loos!)

Today has been particularly illuminating as I was able to talk about a past event without getting emotional (apart from the bit about taking Cinders to the vet’s!) and making a point without exactly accusing someone of malpractice… Just hinting at it. I managed to laugh at an email from some parents who informed me I cannot unilaterally decide to write to them in English – even though I am their daughter’s English speaking Geography teacher- I must use Italian, the national language. They do seem to misunderstand what I write, though, so it’s non-sensical.

I have also understood that I will never win the lotto, I play every week, as my Sis played 2 Euros today and won over 400!

I think my rambling is back. Maybe to stay.

Goodnight x