My new British Passport

So… Here I am, in the middle of a global pandemic, with just about 6 months left on my UK passport. I do the natural thing and apply online to get it renewed- just in case there’s an emergency.

Little did I know that 1) I could have a digital photo taken on any random smartphone and, once uploaded, an algorithm would tell me whether it was OK; 2) all I needed as proof of address was a statement from my employer; 3) it would take longer for the requested documents to get through Customs via the Italian and British Postal Services than it would to a) get it approved; b) printed; c) returned.

I have now forsaken my lovely burgundy European Union British Passport for a Black (?) British one with no illustrations of places of interest on the inside pages.

Brexiters… Don’t you dare say it’s blue… It’s the same colour as the one I had as a kid – you know, the cardboard one with the blue pages inside (?) – and that was black.

Update: Apparently the new passport renewal service – or so I have read, please let me know if I’m wrong- had given jobs to just 70 Brits! The tender for the production of the passport was won by a Franco-Dutch company and is printed in Poland… How European is that?!?!?! 😂😂😂