Non-ELT Rambles

Going healthy!

Those who know me quite well, and those who don’t too- if I have to be honest- are aware of the fact that I enjoy my food. A lot. I mean, it’s really obvious.

So last Saturday  I bought a blender. 

Lots of people have blenders. I didn’t. Now I do. And I’m forcing myself to use it every day to make a smoothie for one of my meals, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Tonight it was dinner and my best attempt yet 🙂 

Granny Smith and Peach smoothie

Finally there were no bits (I listened to Jane and pealed the apple). No idea of quantities except for half an enormous apple and a very ripe peach- I trained as a chef…we ‘guesstimate’ or, as they say in Italian ‘a occhio’- almond milk and whatever was left of the fresh root ginger.

The result is rather yummy!